Sustainable progress in close collaboration with our clients.

The ingredients of success in traditional and digital business differ in many ways. Some aspects, however, have not changed at all. The most important being that it is still people that build and drive businesses. As a trusted partner of startups, SMEs, and corporations, we enhance organizations with digital capabilities.

Digital ExpertISE


&do provides a comprehensive set of digital capabilities including experienced people, proven working methods, and subject-specific best practices. We enable our partners to leverage their business with confidence.

Industry ExpertISE


Established companies know their industry by heart, maintain long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, and hold valuable assets. All that offers a strong foundation to create digital business upon.

The areas of digital expertise are diverse yet cohesive. From acquisition to exit, from strategy to execution, from introduction to maintenance – an integrated approach is vital for success. We contribute the requisite mix of people from disciplines such as data science, experience design, or software engineering, among others.

Broad expertise to cope with issues of different size and scale.


We support corporate transactions when it comes to matters of technology and digital business, both on the buy and sell side. Along the process we are able to render advice and assistance in the following stages:

  • Acquisition/Exit Strategy
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Due Diligence


We work with clients on addressing digital opportunities and threats within their corporate and business strategies. As part of strategy development and planning of specific measures, we provide services such as:

  • Business Unit & Function Analysis
  • Industry & Market Analysis
  • Technology Forecast & Impact Analysis
  • Scenario Development & Evaluation
  • Implementation Planning & Preparation


We implement digital solutions that serve strategic objectives and create value for both user and business. Our technology agnostic approach enables us to deal with projects of different complexity and maturity:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Concept Development & Testing
  • Technical Architecture Design
  • Proprietary Software Development
  • Third-Party Software Selection & Customizing
  • Roll-out Coordination & User Adoption


We enhance organizations with capabilities required to manage and operate digital business. Depending on specific circumstances and requirements, we make sure to accompany clients in the most appropriate way:

  • Organizational Design & Structuring
  • Workflow & Process Optimization
  • Resource & Talent Acquisition
  • Best Practice Sharing
  • Interim Management
  • Change Management

Technological progress facilitates all creation of business value.

Excellent results based on full alignment with business needs.

Digitalization is a means to an end, but not an end in itself. Regardless of whether we advise on transactions, refine strategies, or develop solutions and capabilities – our involvement derives from core business needs and serves specific workstreams to enable digital business.

Digital Operating Model

Use digital solutions and capabilities to streamline organizations and processes.

Selected Business Objectives:

  • Improve business efficiency and scalability
  • Decrease existing dependencies
  • Strengthen capability to innovate

Selected Digital Initiatives:

  • Redesign and automation of workflows
  • Implementation of supportive tools and systems
  • Change in organizational structure and governance

Analytics & Data Centricity

Apply data analytics to reallocate efforts on what is most important.

Selected Business Objectives:

  • Improve market- and business-understanding
  • Improve and accelerate decision-making
  • Strengthen customer-focus

Selected Digital Initiatives:

  • Introduction of new business performance indicators
  • Development of data warehouse and reporting solutions
  • Training in data processing and interpretation

Digital Customer Experience

Leverage modern technology to take customer experience on a new level.

Selected Business Objectives:

  • Improve customer relationships
  • Attract new customer segments
  • Improve business efficiency and scalability

Selected Digital Initiatives:

  • Redesign of web applications
  • Implementation of self-service technologies
  • End-to-end digitalization of customer journeys

Digital Marketing & Sales

Integrate digital marketing and sales channels to drive sustainable growth.

Selected Business Objectives:

  • Increase revenue and sales
  • Improve attribution and budget allocation
  • Improve business efficiency and scalability

Selected Digital Initiatives:

  • Optimization of online distribution channels
  • Implementation of integrated ecommerce solutions
  • Setup of cross-channel campaign management

Digital Business Expansion

Complement existing business with digital offerings and revenue streams.

Selected Business Objectives:

  • Access and develop future markets
  • Diversify/complement existing business
  • Strengthen capability to innovate

Selected Digital Initiatives:

  • Acquisition of existing digital business
  • Development of new digital products/services
  • Setup of new digital business units

IT Modernization

Reshape IT to serve as an enabler and supporter of digital business.

Selected Business Objectives:

  • Mitigate IT and cyber risks
  • Remove legacy systems
  • Improve business efficiency and scalability

Selected Digital Initiatives:

  • Conducting IT security audits
  • Setup of cloud infrastructures
  • Introduction of agile practices